Loch NessInverness meaning 'mouth of the river Ness' is a city in the north of Scotland. It is promoted as the Capital of the highlands of Scotland. There is a vast range of things to do in Inverness, the city boasts excellent sightseeing and outdoor activities and is famous for its fishing and golf holidays. Really unique places to visit whilst in Inverness are Loch Ness, Culloden battlefields and Inverness  Museum and art gallery.

The area is quite spread out, so using the local taxi service is easy and affordable. All taxi drivers in Inverness are fully licensed and will make your visit less stressful. The Scottish tours by taxi is a fantastic way to see the sights, your taxi driver is knowledgeable in all the attractions and places of interest. For a small taxi fare you can have your own personal guide, in a comfortable and clean vehicle.

You must see Loch Ness whilst visiting; this is Scotland's most famous lake. It can be scanned from various viewpoints around the lake or on one of the many boat cruises. Thousands of skeptics and true believers have visited over the years, hoping for a glimpse of the loch Ness monster. Many have claimed to have seen a monster or a shadow below the water over the years. As the Loch is so vast and has an area space of 23 miles long and 300 meters deep, it is always difficult to prove what people actually see. There is also a Loch Ness exhibition for you to visit where you move through 500 million years of history and environmental evidence before making up your own mind if the Loch Ness monster really does exist.

Inverness MuseumThe Inverness Museum is also a fantastic place to visit; the museum is a local history and art museum and is open 365 days of the year for you to enjoy. It features exhibits of contemporary art and craft displays from local makers. There is also a coffee shop and gift shop in the museum so you can sit and relax whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the historical place.

There are many other parks and attractions to visit, and depending on how long you stay in Inverness, will determine if you have time to see them all. Inverness boasts some of the best golf courses and salmon fishing in the country and for the outdoor enthusiasts there is so much to see and do If you want to quietly sit on a river bank, be up to your waist in a swift flowing river or fight with a huge fish out at sea there is something for everyone. Even if you have never fished before this is the place for you, and the experts are always on hand to advise and guide you. The list of outdoor activities in Inverness is endless; you can go hiking, horse riding, cycling, off roading and even book an adventure holiday to include all of the activities. Young or old there is so much to do in Inverness you will return time after time, to complete your list of things to do.